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Wood Laser is 100% birch plywood specially designed for making dieboards.
Developed specially for diemakers Wood Laser meets key requirements of the industry and offers a choice of sizes and coating options for any type of dieboard.
Available coating options include no coating, UV-cured varnish and melamine film. Clear or tinted UV coating is available on the customer’s request.
In comparison with regular interior plywood, Wood Laser has very tight thickness tolerances and features perfect panel flatness for dieboards of the highest quality. In addition, this product is made to very tight quality standards that ensure little to no defects and make laser cutting smooth and easy.
Wood Laser Premium features inner layers of the highest quality. Other parameters are the same in Wood Laser Standard and Wood Laser Premium.


Wood Laser is a 100% birch plywood developed specially for diemakers, that meets the key requirements of the industry.
01 100% birch plywood
02 Tight thickness tolerance
03 Consistently flat panel
04 Laser compatible
05 Choice of coating options
06 Highest-quality veneers in the face and core plies


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